Video - PupFit Year One

Our PupFit Story

My name is Sean and my life changed the day I adopted my dog Pepper.  Having struggled with depression for most of my adult life, I had tried many different ways to break free of it, and continuously failed.  I knew I needed something deeper to facilitate a long lasting positive lifestyle change.  Pepper’s unwavering positivity and infectious energy brought so much joy to my life.  It became apparent during our walks that not only was she putting a smile on my face, but on the faces of countless others as well.   I realized how powerful this new relationship was, not just for me, but for anyone who may be struggling with depression or increasingly common mental illnesses.

Pepper's personality and high energy inspired an idea that grew into what is now PupFit, a revolutionary dog brand that will change the way people interact with their dogs.  She always wanted to play, but to me, it always felt like a task.  All of her toys were made for dogs, as opposed to both dogs and their humans.  I’d often cut playtime short, leaving her to play with her toys alone, resulting in neglect and the inevitable purchase of a new dog toy.  

It became apparent that there are many aspects to the companionship one has with their dog and there is no single product that meets all the needs of such a relationship.  So TOGETHER we EMBARKED on a journey to create a product designed for the BOTH of us to enjoy.  PupFit is mutually beneficial by encouraging active and engaged play and facilitating an overall stronger and healthier relationship between dogs and their humans.

With applications for play, exercise, training, walking, nutrition, and recreational therapy, PupFit offers something that touches every facet of the complex bond people share with their furry companion.  Play time shifted from a task to something BOTH of us could get excited about.  My life has never been the same since Pepper and PupFit came into the picture and I’m happy to share it with the world!  May this have the same effect for you and your furry friend as it has had for us.  

Enjoy with love,

Sean and Pepper

Future Goals

The focus of this company is not just to provide a human-centric, strong dog accessory, but also to help connect people and dogs who could benefit from a relationship with each other.  

That's why we plan to connect people suffering from depression or other mental illnesses to dogs in need of adoption through an adoption foundation funded by PupFit and our supporters.

A portion of your purchase will go towards funding the Pepper Foundation.