• PupFit Tug

    Enjoy a variety of tug-of-war games with your dog using up to six tug toy types with over twenty variations for endless entertainment.

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  • PupFit Leash

    PupFit offers a leash for every outdoor scenario with three leash attachments and two utility bungees for up to ten leash variations.

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  • PupFit Bone

    The PupFit Bones design allows for tug play, fetch, and treat storage. A PupFit Treat Mold will be available soon for homemade treats.

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  • PupFit Collar & Harness

    With an adjustable sized harness and three collar types, PupFit offers something for dogs of every type and size.

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  • Multi-Dog PupFit

    PupFit provides attachments for dogs with brothers and sisters, promoting inclusive play.

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  • Ergonomic Handle

    Experience the ultimate comfort and control with our human focused tug-toy handles, that encourage longer playtime while building a stronger bond.

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  • Bone Swivel System

    The Bone Swivel System enables 360-degrees of rotation allowing for seamless play and a tangle-free experience, perfect for tug-of-war or walks.

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  • Interchangeable Parts

    With several attachments, PupFit allows for a variety of customizable products, catering to your preferences.

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  • Utility Leash

    The utility leash offers both a hands-free leash and tug toy option among several other combinations of each. It is also adjustable for your preference of tug toy and leash length.

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  • Utility Bungee

    The utility bungee can be used as a secondary leash handle offering elasticity during walks as well as some resistance during tug play. It's also an easy fit collar or can be placed around your ankles as a tug toy for your legs.

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  • Removable Bone for Treats

    The removable bone allows for you and your pup to disconnect for a bit after a long day of play. Treat yourself to a mindful moment while they enjoy a chew toy their favorite way, with treats.

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    All of our products are made using high-quality, responsibly sourced alloys, rubber, and plastics to ensure sustainable durability. No more plastic eyeball concerns or synthetic stuffing explosions. 


    We went the extra mile to create a product free of splinters or exposed metal parts so (when used properly) everyone can enjoy PupFit without concern for chipped teeth or cuts etc. 


    PupFit promotes engagement by way of mutual activity. Dogs are already man's best friend, but add mutual playtime to the mix to be even best-er friends. And people need playtime, too, you know. 

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